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Through on-site operation guidance and after-sales technical support, Boyi Jingke provides customers with full support from product selection to production line operation.


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R&D strength

R&D strength

  • Boyi Jingke has gathered a group of senior experts and young talents in the sensor industry, and has conducted in-depth cooperation at all levels with a group of research institutions represented by the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology to set up its own laboratory.
Customer customization

Customer customization

  • Boyi Jingke -- adhere to the customer scenario application requirements as the orientation, set up a special application scenario solution project team, together with customers to customize personalized sensor products and solutions, to achieve value-added customer products, help customers stand out in the market.
Precision manufacturing

Precision manufacturing

  • Boyi Jingke has a large number of skilled workers with rich experience in sensor production. The company in Dongguan Songhu Zhigu Industrial Park purchased 3000 square meters of high-standard plant, learn from the experience of foreign advanced peers to establish intelligent production workshop, invest a large number of high-precision, high-efficiency automation/semi-automation equipment to ensure stable product quality.
Quality assurance

Quality assurance

  • Boyi Jingke has been following the product quality is designed in, manufactured quality concept. The company has established a complete and effective quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 standards. From the early design, development, to the middle proofing, testing, trial production, and then to large-scale mass production, until the most We implement strict quality control specifications at every stage of the product life cycle to ensure that every product delivered to customers can stand the test of time.

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About Boyi Jingke

Shenzhen Boyi Jingke Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Boyi Jingke Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise born and growing in Shenzhen, known for providing reliable products and efficient services. In December 2021, the manufacturing center was relocated to the famous manufacturing city - Dongguan Songhu Zhigu (self purchased 3000 square meter factory).

As a well-known domestic sensor brand deeply rooted in the field of industrial automation, Boyi Jingke has six major product lines, including fiber optic sensors (including amplifiers), optoelectronic (laser) sensors, proximity sensors, light curtain sensors, displacement sensors, and special purpose sensors, which are widely used in mechanical equipment, new energy equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, electronic manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging machinery, logistics and warehousing, industrial robots Many fields such as medical food.

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